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Student Support Forum

So what happens if you begin the course, but then have a question? What if you get stuck on something? Who can you go to for help? How do you get input and feedback on your progress?

This is where Learn & Master Sign Languages's free online support comes in. Once you purchase the course, you will be allowed to post questions and discuss your progress on our Student Support Discussion Board.

Instructors and other students participate regularly, so you will find that you're not learning alone. A whole community of Learn & Master Sign Language students love to help and encourage each other in the forum. This Discussion Board is also where students often post videos for feedback, offer each other encouragement and support, and freely discuss their successes, setbacks, and challenges. Students also blog about their progress, chat in our chat room, and even plan events. You can participate as much or as little as you'd like, but we're here to help.

You wouldn't normally get access to the full support site until you've purchased the course, but for a limited time, we're opening it up to be viewed by the public.

For starters, check out the Student Support Discussion Board. Please remember, though, that these sites are for Learn & Master Sign Language students. Please be respectful of our community and limit any postings to discussions of the course.

Here are a few posts that you may find particularly helpful as you decide whether the Learn & Master Sign Language course is for you:

  • Session Specific Questions - Ask questions about a specific session, find answers from other students, or join in the conversation to help others.

  • Ask An Instructor - These threads are filled with a wealth of knowledge, tips, and advice.

  • Helpful Sign Language Resources  - Checkout resources recommended by students to compliment your Learn & Master Sign Language Sessions.

  • Sign Language FAQ - Frequently asked questions answered by experts and students.

  • Introduce Yourself! - You will find the Learn and Master Sign Language community is a big family. We're here to help and welcome you to the party. Come introduce yourself in the Sign Language Introductions / Testimonies / Encouragement threads!


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